Friday, September 21, 2012

blogging again.... =)

should i blog again after the long hiatus, no thanks to easy posting on FB and lazy editing & uploading of photos? yes, i should and i will... very very soon!!! need to catch up on documenting the growing up of those 2 monsters in da house... hahahaha... till then, take care and have a beautiful time!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

an ode to my soon-to-be-ex home...

warning: long post ahead... bear with me while i remember my home the way it is...

i'm gonna be saying goodbye to something so dear & precious to me... our house of 8 years +

baby & i got married (ROM) on 12th sept 2002. Less than 2 months later, i saw an ad for a walk-in-selection @ Jurong West. Called him @ work immediately & told him that regardless of his schedule, he has to take half day off the next day to go with me to look-see! Or was it the same day?? haha.. can't remember la. but anyway, we confirmed the purchase by the next day and signed on the dotted line for unit 09-646 for the grand price of $19x,xxx (ya! soooooooooo cheap!). i dun even remember y i chose jurong west of all places!! hahaha..

this beautiful house was soon to become our home. we had it done up with the kind of decor we both loved and was proud of. say RETRO!! full of vibrant reds, purples, whites & oranges! with a little grey & sandy tones to balance it off in the rooms.. all in all, whats not to love?

this home saw our UPs & downs (more UPs though!!) & grew together with us... hey! it even provided lotsa fun for the little girl!!

we first thought of selling @ end 2009 when we saw how the property demand in jurong area was moving up (thanks to the wonderful developments lined up here! ha!). prices then were like 370 - 380k? and we thought: hey! should we sell?? then: nah... we are not ready. this house is our baby, our refuge from the daily craze & stress in the outside world..

then prices went up to 390 - 420k in 2010 and we were still slightly moved but no actions yet.. though the $$$ would definitely be good.. ^_<

and then i had a serious talk with baby in May this year. we both think it is time to sell and increase our cashflow at the same time.. hee! ahem! cos i m not one known to save nor spend wisely and he is well known to be super indulgent in my wants la.. ha!

we thought of upgrading and stuff...but with the new "cooling" regulations, it simply doesn't make sense for us to get a condo unit 1st. then how we buy hdb??? and obviously i dun have enough money to buy TWO condo units (1 for stay & 1 for investment) so we are going to bite the bullet and get a HDB instead. stay for 5 years then MAYBE & HOPEFULLY able to invest in private.. *crosses fingers*!

heard from Carol that she has a great agent who helped her maximise the selling price of her house even though she wasn't around. so i PM-ed her for the contact and indeed! he is really a good agent! "overachiever" i would say.. ^_^

he came down to our place on 12th May & we actually signed on to let him sell our house rightaway! both of us can't sleep the very same night cos we were already missing the house. our home.. sob sob.. =_=

2 days later, i was still feeling so sad and angsty (part of it due to work too.. ) & was losing my temper so often. then i thought hard about it and told myself that this move is inevitable. never link the sale to $$$. that would have made me even more angsty cos at the back of my mind, we both knew that it is definitely NOT an impt factor! definitely not enough for us to sell the house and earn that extra penny. on the other hand, the move is inevitable (and much better for us to look at the sale this way) is due to the fact that itz time for us to stop being the selfish weekend parents (& children to our family). we need to move nearer to the 2 kiddos while they are still young. NO MORE weekend "chalet" parents!

shared this thought with baby and true enough, this conviction is enough to remove all the "moping around" and we actually start looking forward to the valuation report & 1st open house.. as we still did not have the valuation on the 1st open house, the would-be buyers just came to look-see. 2 gave us their offers but it seemed low and we didn't wana take the chance to accept something that could be lower than our valuation.

then came the valuation report @ 4xxK. hee... on 28th may (saturday), we went for our 1st house-viewing @ ubi ave 1. and the unit is exactly what we have in mind. ORIGINAL condition! means we can be break-happy & start hecking & renovating just the way we want it. brought grandma, mum & the 2 kiddos along. aside from the fact that it is HOT (cos the owner has moved out so no fan watsoever), they LOVE the place.. and luckily for us, the SouthEast facing door suits the both of us (as we found out later..) we 'kin-kin' chope the place with an offer of 30K COV and told the agent (who's actually selling her dad's unit on his behalf! cool!) not to have any open house anymore. sensing our sincerity and of cos SPEED, she agreed & accepted the offer! hahaha.. bonus: the house comes with a recess area of about 6sqm which we might be able to buy up (*crosses fingers!! hope the SLOW HDB can complete the recess area policy review ASAP!!)

on 29th may, we had our 2nd open house. and the place is SOLD SOLD SOLD! the new owner of our beautiful home actually came up to the house thrice cos he's reali gan-cheong about whether or not we will accept his offer. we finally settled on a 42,888 COV.. hahaha.. we are just super happy that we found someone who can appreciate this place we called HOME for itz funny layout, hacked walls, rooms and quirks.

well, i guess i have another 3 months to fully enjoy the comfort & warmth of this home before we are welcomed into the arms of our new abode. our HOME from aug onwards, i think..

i'll definitely miss this beautiful place alot alot and most probably will shed tears when i hand over the keys. ah well... we have to look forward nonetheless & embrace the fun & laughter waiting for us @ our new place with the close proximity to family & friends..

adieus in advance, my jurong west home... thank you for always being there for us and providing us with loads of comfort, warmth, happiness and shelter.. LOVE u LOTS...

photos of my beautiful retro home in jw.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

i m still around... (^_<)

goodness me!!! itz already june and my last update was in april?? hahaha... i have loads to update but as usual, i have NO time!! i have been busy with the selling/ buying of my house... and then the folks were away with ayden in hkg/ macau for 1 week, leaving us with missy.. coinciding with her holidays camp blah blah blah. u get the drift la. i m lazy and busy so equals NO updates. so here goes the pics for the past 1.5 months to whet ur appetite 1st! LOL..

tis gigantic boy is now 81-82cm weighing almost 11.5kg.. =D he has been cruising for the LONGEST time already.. at least since he turned 8mths old or so? but he has still yet to start walking!! argh... and i tot he will be so much faster than anyone.. chey... but on the other hand, i walked only at 18mths, missy at 16mths and as the old saying goes, the later they start walking, the more 好命 they are so i have no complaints too la...

he loves jiejie's tricycle and can climb on & off all by his own.. super "hao lian" somemore lor... tsk..

hahaha! jialat.. mother's day came and went too without me blogging abt anything.. *shakes head*.. ah well.. we had a great meal at pioneer wharf at with grandma & mum.. love the QQ crab noodles though it gives me rashes.. ha!
hmm... as if i need to put my point across.. check out the pics below to see how much "difference" in size between a soon-to-be 4 kiddo and a just-turned-one toddler.. ha! missy is a fatty bombom though. she weighs 15kg but yet is only 96cm, STILL!
love it that they are enjoying their "sibling" time!!
check out those "goli" eyes of theirs.. and check out why mine can't be as big no matter how i force them to be.. hahahaha!
forcing them to take pics with me.. hee..

see how ayden is planning his escape..
my little "hiao" baby... super super vain.. kept insisting dat her eyelashes are longer than mine thus she is prettier.. bth!!

my 大老板 having his meal..
home alone with missy..
she insisted that I must take pics of her looking like dat.. huh?

the little ah pek doing the guys thing.. show stomach!! eeeks...

having fun on missy's fav cow moo moo.. AGAIN...
cheeky babies.. they make my day. always. ^_<
hahaha! ayden loves the handphone just like a younger missy!! and this is him "pretending" to have a conversation and acting oh-so-serious..
@ clementi mall.. missy simply loves to be the big jiejie and hold didi when he walks..

and.. ending the post on a sweet note at gobi... =D

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

our time together...

absolutely no mood to blog.. ha... and laziness of cos plays a big part la..

meanwhile, make do with some photos of the precious babies in my life.. =D

my little sweetheart running a fever and @ KKH, waiting for his turn.. just few days before his party..
and as if to signify a wonderful life ahead of us, the beautiful, full rainbow we caught during ayden's party..
my baby trying her best to pose.. note to qiuu: this is reason enough why she can never go on to be a model.. hahahaha.. just check out her CUTE tummy and awkwardness!!
@ the airport! 2 kiddos had great fun watching the planes... and erm.. missy's bugging me for a trip again le.. oops..
my sweetheart can write her name! ignore the caps and small letters all at once.. that's all thanks to dear who writes anything and everything in CAPS!!
her cute tortoise and rabbit from art class @gymboree.. erm.. i m sure the rabbit has "died" by now cos when i last checked, the ears were missing.. hohoho
tis boy loves the pole!! he can even squat, pose and kiss in while moving.. ^_^
growing more handsome hor??
pretty baby after her haircut.. bth those bambi peepers..
generous jiejie sharing her ride with didi who had another haircut too.. though i shouldn't say share cos barely seconds into the ride, didi has taken over the steering and jiejie relinquished her seat and sat on barney's lap instead.. tsk tsk.. small bully.. >_<
he looks so hip hop, no? ha!
and ya ya.. as if he's trying to tell me "itz my birthday and i can do watever i want!! BLEH!.... take that! "
and the notti boy loves "ransacking" the house.. the drawers, my bag... and my camera!!
the 2 handsome men in my life.. tink dear aged alot hor.. guess itz the weight-loss?? *evil plan to fatten him up soon!*

check out his hands!! we just have to make a sound "orhhhhhhhh--orhhhhh" like an engine and he will open his palms parallel to each other and start moving them back & forth! hahaha.. just like he's manoeuvring the sterring.. but the thing is, each time after he does this action, he will want to BITE!!! dun ask me why but itz like this pent-up energy in him needs some releasing.. >_X

oh.. and did i mention he loves shoes?? all our shoes! and here he is, trying to wear jiejie's slippers... i like the NEVER GIVE UP attitude sia!
and the model-wannabe trying her cutesy poses.. (psst... super 'wooden' if u ask me!)
and tata!!! see ya later..